my most sensual fantasy? we’re sick bros best friends and everything is just tight and cool and nothing bad ever happens to either of us or between us.


ladies laaaaadies, theres plenty of me to go around *detaches arm* thats for you Brenda

today in selfies: stripy tops and lush’s liquid lipsticks

saideschain: Kenzie, you're already confident! I've seen you confronting people, hell you even once confronted me due to me misunderstanding you and you almost tore me a new asshole! And let me tell you, that was scary as shit

I hope it is okay to post this publicly, Abel you are really up there with my favourite people i have never met you know. It means a lot to hear that!

I have very little time to bother with anons who try to paint me as a man hater when I know the opposite is true. If anything I am insecure about how much I pander to them and how little I call out the men in my life on sexism. I have incredible respect for the women on here who don’t let men’s feelings dull their fire, and one day hope to be as confident and self assured as them.

The fact that I am still being called misandrist even though I am barely making waves says everything about what anon is really in a fuss over. So no, i am not in the least insulted by being compared to “crazy man hating lesbians”, anon, go away i am not going to post your message.

Anonymous: if u read some guy say "she's pretty reasonable for a girl" what would u think?

That guy sounds like a superdork but you cant just reverse shit like that in order to prove a point. The whole world considers women unreasonable as a sex

also, some news: my floor trial obviously went better than i thought, because i got the job at Lush! so happy!!! i resigned from my waitressing position today and can’t wait to start. n_n