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Anonymous said: Do you find the word "bitch" empowering?

lol no


~feminist~ porn is pretty much like the porn equivalent to consumer activism and environmentally friendly brands owned by giant corporations

it might make you feel good about yourself but it sure ain’t doing shit for anybody else, or attacking the underlying problems. in fact, it’s generally made by the same people who are the root of those problems in the first place.

Oscar de la Renta Spring 2007 Details 


I need to go back to Elizabeth Rose Garden

historyofnewzealand said: there are no circumstances in New Zealand where an employer is allowed to withhold pay, though they can make deductions of up to 15% to cover things such as union fees and acc (when it is applicable) employers have no right to withhold pay for unsatisfactory work, if work is indeed unsatisfactory then the employer needs to go down the route of firstly talking with the employee about the issue in a formal setting and then if it is not resolved, terminating the employment. Threats are not legal.

(thank you kindly, friend!) All my NZ followers should be aware of their rights! :) This is for the few of you that messaged me about similar situations! Remember that you deserve to be treated fairly!

this happened to me once wow, i got sick and needed to go home 2 and a half hours into my 3 hour shift and my manager was like “i wont pay you for the whole shift!!” i cried bc i needed the money i was so upset :c

i am so sorry that happened to you wow man!!! everyone is a piece of shit i hate the world

hey you know what makes you a really super-fly business owner? threatening your week-old staff that you won’t pay them if they make another mistake! hahaha! especially 20 year old girls who literally have CARDBOARD BOXES FOR FURNITURE RIGHT NOW! wow so cool!!  totally helps me not mess up when i’m thinking about how much of a bummer it’d be to be evicted and starve all this week!!!!!! :D